Why Lightania Lighting

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LED Lights

Based out of North America here, Lightania Lighting has been designing, manufacturing and supplying LED lighting products for many years. We have our own factory which produces all of the high-quality LED lighting products to the highest of standards, plus quality certification and the shipping to many locations worldwide. We work with thousands of distributors and vendors across the world, who then supply our products to individual homes and businesses.

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Product quality and client relationships

Our aim is to produce high quality LED lighting products at affordable prices, with our range of lighting options being designed to last for many years. We offer a wide range of different products and styles from industrial designs to contemporary. While our products are great to look at, they are also extremely functional. Due to the success of our business in other regions, we have now entered the U.S. market meaning that more clients can access LED lighting like no other.


Mission and Value

At Lightania, our mission is to continue to innovate exciting new and improved products, while providing excellent customer service for all clients. Our aim is to treat all customers with respect and honesty, giving them a fair price for our products while suppling them with top-quality lighting. We aim to build long-term, trusting connections with our clients and are here to answer any questions that you may have and can’t wait to hear from you if you have any enquiries.